The art of being a make-up artist

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I have been a make-up artist for 30 years and, for me, it was the perfect career choice.

The challenges are travel, keeping your make-up kit organised and knowing how to adapt a look for various facial and skin types. It is also extremely important to get on with the crew on a photo shoot and to do the best job possible in the time allotted.

As a makeup artist, you get a brief, structure your make-up kit according to the brief and make sure that you arrive on time at the relevant location. I believe it is extremely important to tune into the energy of the crew on a production. When make-up is complete the next, very important, phase is to keep your eye on the work you have done to make sure it stays as perfect as possible throughout the production.

Being a make-up artist can be a wonderful adventure. There is ample opportunity to let your creativity flow and to hone your craft. After a career of 30 years, I still find working with other talented people in the creative industry to be a rewarding and very fulfilling experience.

By Phyllis Cohen

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