Rave Waves


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Electrify your looks with this collection of wavy shapes and Liner flick accents. You can go minimal, just using the Flicks in Dazzle or Dazzle over black.  Those fancy flicks fit in loads of different positions around the inner and outer corners of the eyes. If you really want to steal the show- incorporate the larger swoop lines to go all Electro Feline, there are loads of combinations you can create, that will all be super flattering to the eyes. Our famous Dazzle material – colour shifts  between; purple, pink, orange, gold, and green.  Dazzle Over Black gives; blue, turquoise, green, gold, and amber shifts. Our dazzle material is known for its super reflective quality,  many of our celebrity clients wear it on stage and even from 100s of meters away you can be “dazzled”  by it’s reflective glint.


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