How do I know I am buying Genuine Face Lace?


Genuine Face Lace is not made or sold from China, it is only produced in the UK by Face Lace Limited.  Only the Stockists listed here, on our website, are authorised to sell Face Lace. We do not sell on Ebay or any other international trading site.  Face Lace is made and hand finished in our London Studio. It is of an exceptionally high quality and we will not hesitate to endeavour to stop anyone selling imitations of our products, in the UK or Internationally.  If you have seen ‘Face Lace’ being sold anywhere else please get in contact with us ([email protected]) and let us know. We register all designs with the IPO and are members of


Face Lace is proud to be a member and support the aims and objectives of the trade organisation ACID (Anti Copying in Design). All Face Lace designs are supported by ACID through their Design Databank and ACID Marketplace.

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