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One of the wonderful results I hadn’t anticipated when I started Face Lace was how it might lead me to collaborate and be inspired by other makeup artists (MUAs).

My good friend, Jo Phillips, is an amazing stylist and creative visionary. I have collaborated with her on many beautiful photo shoots and she was one of the first creatives I showed Face Lace to, about 3 months before we launched.

I explained to Jo that I would love to launch Face Lace on the back of a show at London Fashion Week. About two months later she came back and said that she had THE show that would be a great platform for me on which to launch Face Lace.

My intellectual property lawyer insisted that, at the first meeting with brilliant fashion designer Corrie Neilsen, everyone should sign non-disclosure forms as we hadn’t officially launched yet. It was all very hush hush!

Corrie Nielsen’s collection for the show was incredible: full of exquisite designs made of ruched tartans and my mind whirred with ideas. I was so thrilled when she agreed that the collaboration with Face Lace would be great. Jo Phillips, Corrie, and the lovely MUA, Yin Lee, all discussed different bespoke ideas that might work. Initially I was a little concerned that another MUA might be put out by the introduction of Face Lace on their canvas. However, working with Yin showed me that other MUAs can be very willing to collaborate.

Since that first show I have worked jointly with many MUAs. Sometimes they use designs that already exist, and sometimes I create bespoke designs for them. I have found my alliances with other MUAs a wonderful affirmation of the generous spirit that thrives in most truly creative MUAs. It’s always thrilling to see what they create with my designs! Since working with Yin on the first catwalk show I have worked with many other fantastic artists including Lan Nguyen-Grealis, Loni Bahr, Antonia Malt, Lisa Eldridge, Sarah Tanno, Lisa Armstrong, Liz Martins, Marco Antonio, Mona Turnbull, Julia Townend, Brierly Thorpe, Einat Dan, Joey Bevan, Jordan Liberty, Fatima Nasir, Heiko Palach, and more to come!

By Phyllis Cohen


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  • Henry Koen

    Great blog post! Thank you for taking us behind the scenes with you, Phyllis.

  • Helen

    Wonderful new website Phyllis, really giving everything you do the justice it deserves.
    And I love the you shots, with no holes in socks 😉

  • Phyllis Cohen

    Thanks Henry, after the initial anxiety of finding time to do blog posts, I have found that I
    actually quite like writing them. Any excuse to write about makeup and faces!

  • phyllis

    Aw Helen I miss you being part of my weekly Face Lace activity!! socks intact and all, MUCH love to you!! XX

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